2018 Grant Recipients - Piers Park & Sail Salem

Piers Park Sailing Center, East Boston



Piers Park is a community sailing center dedicated to providing 100% inclusive year-round recreational, educational and personal growth opportunities for people of all ages and abilities through sailing and STEM education in Boston Harbor.  PPSC affects the lives of hundreds of at-risk youth, provides empowerment through fully accessible sailing facilities for people living with disabilities, and acts as a center for waterfront activities for the entire community.  

In 2017, Piers Park will serve 1,100 underserved youth, including 250 students living with disabilities, through sailing and science programs in Boston Harbor, and 20 students on our H.S. Sailing Teams. In 2018, more than half of the youth enrolled are from East Boston as a result of expanded outreach efforts. These children are largely from economically disadvantaged families and qualify for scholarships based on household income. Piers Park mission is to provide inclusive empowerment through the sport of sailing for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Through education and recreation, they maximize the potential of at-risk youth.

One of the specific ways that Piers Park meets their mission is through high school sailing teams.  Since 2014, Piers Park Sailing Center has hosted practices and races for two high school sailing teams: East Boston High School and Pioneer Charter School of Science. Both teams compete in the Mass Bay League with fellow Boston area High School Sailing Teams.

Sail Salem


Sail Salem’s educational sailing program exists to empower all participants, regardless of economic and ethnic background, to develop independence, self-confidence and communication, while fostering teamwork, community spirit and volunteering through the sport of sailing.