2005 Schooner Camp

From the Marblehead Report, July 21, 2005

Pictured Left: Sue Corl, left, the national co-chair of AdventureSail, joins campers, from left, Sarah Faria, Becky Woodcock, and Sharve Folds, Joan Thayer, a NWSA board member, and Andrew Savage, right, of the Corinthian Sailing Foundation, to celebrate the girls attending Schooner Camp. Camper Natashly Elwell is not pictured.

Thanks to the funding provided by the Corinthian Sailing Foundation and the Women's Sailing Foundation, both of Marblehead, four young girls from Girl Scouts of Spar and Spindle Council spent a unique week at the Schooner Camp aboard the schooner "Fame" located in Salem at Derby Wharf.

The girls are among 19 campers between the ages of 8 and 12 who learned how to sail a traditional wooden vessel and experienced what life was like for the fishermen, traders, and privateers who built the North Shore.  No previous sailing experience was required.

"Through the AdventureSail program, a nationwide program for young girls at risk, Women’s Sailing Foundation provides opportunities for young girls at risk to be engaged in the sport of sailing with women mentors," sail Joan Thayer, board member of the National Women's Sailing Association (NWSA).

"For the past six years, we have been involved locally with Girls Inc. of Lynn and the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston," said Sue Corl, the national co-chair of the AdventureSail program.

Generally the programs are run by volunteers at a public facility where 25-30 young girls can be hosted and AdventureSail provides volunteer women sailors.
"We have wanted to expand the experience in the way of a camp scholarship, but our funds are limited," Corl added. "Our foundation applied for and received a grant from the Corinthian Sailing Foundation for this purpose. We are delighted that we have connected with the Spar and Spindle and have opened the doors to sailing for a new group of girls."

"The Corinthian Sailing Foundation is pleased to be able to assist the Women's Sailing Foundation with this worthy endeavor," said Foundation President Andrew Savage. "Providing opportunities for local girls to participate in Schooner Camp is a wonderful way of furthering the Foundation's mission to promote amateur sailing and maritime education among youths in the Commonwealth, and especially the North Shore."
"We look forward to working with the Women's Sailing Foundation and the Girl Scouts of Spar & Spindle Council on similar projects in the future," Savage added.

The Girl Scouts certainly appreciate the gesture. "We appreciate the benefits for our girls through this great collaboration," said Becky Riley, Girl Scouts Program Specialist.  "In Girl Scouting we want girls to grow strong. Through this collaboration, four girls had a chance to do just that. This was such a wonderful opportunity for them to gain confidence, learn new skills, and try sailing – an experience they may have never had otherwise."

The new "Fame" is a full-scale replica of this famous schooner, framed and planked of white oak.